About the Academic Affairs Program

Instruction program, the principal function of the university, is implemented by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It encompasses all curricular, co- and extra-curricular, including research, extension and production activities of the students and faculty members. These activities are conducted in pursuit of disciplinary enrichment and instructional development.


The goal of the Academic Affairs Program is to provide quality education which highlights among others the following features: strong in science and technology; proactive of future needs; relevant to the region’s agro industrial needs, impact on the empowerment of the rural people it serves and contributes towards sustainable development and global competitiveness.


  • To develop students who possess not only academic competence but also lifelong competencies that prepare them to leadership roles in their respective communities;
  • To provide knowledge and skills necessary for individual, community and national development such as entrepreneurship, innovativeness and advocacy among others; and
  • To develop among the students and members of the community a strong sense of nationalism, concern for the environment and civic consciousness.