About the University Business Affairs Program

The University Business Affairs Program (UBAP) is headed by a Vice President duly designated by the University President. It has the mission to vigorously pursue a sustainable and competitive income generating program for Central Luzon State University utilizing its resources and developing entrepreneurial capabilities of faculty, staff and students and other development partners.


To effectively and efficiently operate and manage agri-based and nonagri-based income generating projects of the University and to serves as a model in entrepreneurial programs.


  • To manage and supervise all income generating projects by harnessing the University resources, facilities and expertise.
  • To catalyze and complement the instructional, research, extension, and development programs of the university.
  • To provide production, processing, and marketing models to farmers, SUC’s and other institutions.
  • To provide quality products and services to faculty, staff and students of the University, and outside clientele/customers.
  • To provide faculty and staff additional opportunities to augment their income and venue for students to earn while they learn.
  • To enhance the income generating capability of the University for meeting its institutional needs and towards self-suf?ciency.
  • To assist in the livelihood programs of the government.