Research and Development Breakthroughs

CLSU is recognized as the national lead R&D center in the following areas: freshwater aquaculture; carabao upgrading; small ruminants R&D; and water resources management. It has scored research breakthroughs that have significantly contributed to national development.

Technologies Generated/Verified/Disseminated

Process, Product, Service Technologies

    1. Production and hatchery techniques for tilapia
    2. Genetically improved tilapia strains:
      • Genetically Improved Farm Tilapia (GIFT)
      • Genetically Male Tilapia (GMT)
      • YY Super-male tilapia
      • FAC Selected Tilapia FaST)
        • Production and dissemination of native and African catfish
        • Production and dissemination of Koi carp and gourami
        • New knowledge and information on the development of tilapia vaccine

    1. “Kamlong” technology
    2. Integrated Crop Management for Aromatic Rice
    3. Integrated Nutrient Management for Glutinous Corn
    4. Integrated Nutrient Management for Onion
    5. Integrated Pest Management for Mango Production

    1. Portable pellet mill
    2. Protocol for TMR pellet for goats
    3. Goat upgrading technology
    4. Pure confinement management of goats
    5. Goat-crop integration
    6. Rapid rotational grazing
    7. Three-way crossbred goat production
    8. Multiple ovulation embryo transfer (MOET) in goats
    9. Artificial insemination (AI) in goats
    10. Sprinkler Irrigation System
    11. Urea-Treated Rice Straw (UTRS)

    1. CLSU RM-CARES Organic Fertilizer Production Process
    2. CLSU RM-CARES Package of Technology for Organic Aromatic Rice
    3. CLSU RM-CARES Package of Technologies for Organic Vegetables (Pinakbet Type)
    4. CLSU RM-CARES Trichoderma sp. Isolated from carabao manure as biocontrol agent
    5. CLSU RM-CARES Trichoderma sp. Isolated from carabao manure as decomposer
    6. CLSU RM-CARES Trichoderma sp. Isolated from carabao manure as biofertilizer
    7. CLSU RM-CARES Manure Tea as Biofertilizer
    8. CLSU RM-CARES Vermiculture production and use of vermicast in seedling production/ preparation; and use of vermicompost and vermi tea as biofertilizer
    9. CLSU RM-CARES Fermented Products as Biofertilizer
    10. CLSU RM-CARES Biopesticides Products

    1. Tissue culture of banana
    2. Production of crops in ash- and lahar-laden areas
    3. Production of Schizophyllum commune mycella and Schizophyllan (mushroom) and the process of producing the same (the first patented production technology of CLSU