CLSU Mandate, Philosophy, Vision and Mission


Section 2 of Republic Act No. 4067 states “The university shall primarily give professional and technical training in agriculture and mechanic arts besides providing advanced instruction and promoting research in literature, philosophy, the sciences, technology and arts.”

Moreover, the provisions of Republic Act No. 8292 enabled its Board of Regents to expand its mandate and thus adopted the following:


The ultimate measure of the effectiveness of Central Luzon State University
as an institution of higher learning is its contribution to and impact on the
educational, economic, social, cultural, political and moral well-being
and environmental consciousness of the peoples it serves.


CLSU as a world-class National Research University for
science and technology in agriculture and allied fields.


CLSU shall develop globally competitive, work-ready, socially-responsible
and empowered human resources who value life-long learning;
and to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge and
technologies for poverty alleviation, environmental
protection, and sustainable development.