The CLSU Strategic Plan (2016 - 2040)

Theme: “Excellent Service to People and Society”


(Adopted during the First Special Meeting of the CLSU-BOR on January 21, 2015 as per BOR Resolution No. 02-2015)

CLSU is a state institution of higher learning established to uplift human living conditions by improving the quality of life for people in Central Luzon, in the country, and in the Asian region. From its humble yet pioneering roots as an agricultural school, the institution has progressed into a dynamic, vibrant, relevant, comprehensive, and diverse university that is committed to the future of its students, the Filipino people, and the evolving needs of our world. For over 100 years, CLSU has prepared and shaped the lives of its graduates and provided solutions to many of the emerging problems of our citizens. With its distinguished past, CLSU can look forward to the future that is equally filled with innovation, inspiration, and a tradition of service and excellence to improve the wellness of our society and our people.


CLSU as a world-class National Research University
for science and technology in agriculture and allied fields.


CLSU shall develop globally competitive, work-ready, socially-responsible and
empowered human resources who value life-long learning; and to generate,
disseminate, and apply knowledge and technologies for poverty alleviation,
environmental protection, and sustainable development.


  • Leadership in Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Excellence in Learning
  • Breakthrough Knowledge and Innovation
  • Transformative and Enabling Teaching-Learning Environment
  • Maximum Impact Through Proactive Engagement


We refer to the following as the “Essence of CLSU” to reflect and to further the values and principles that make CLSU great and unique.

  • Quality and Excellence

    CLSU believes that the relentless pursuit of quality and excellence constitutes the foundational element of its existence.

  • Innovativeness and Creativity

    CLSU considers research as the lifeblood of the institution to be further nurtured and cultivated as it provides the energy and dynamism in its quest to become a comprehensive research university.

  • Inclusiveness and Stewardship

    CLSU supports and sustains an equitable community that will have access to the benefits of education and discovery.

  • Transformative and Caring

    CLSU commits to provide a teaching and learning environment that provides opportunities for critical and analytical thinking, character building, skills training, and leadership training where adequate facilities and resources are available and accessible.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

    CLSU demands and maintains that an efficient and professional administration and corporate organization is required to advance the University’s vision and mission.

  • Hard Work and Integrity

    CLSU practices the values of hard work and integrity as the cornerstones of performance and output for career development and professional growth.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    CLSU operates under the principles of transparency and accountability where freedom, independence and autonomy is respected but balanced by shared management principles, openness and responsibility.

  • Commitment to Public Service

    CLSU recognizes that its core purpose is to serve the interest of the people in Central Luzon, the country and the Asian region through the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge.


  • Expand the university’s profile and stature
  • Develop best practices in teaching and learning
  • Align to and comply with national and international standards
  • Improve student performance and achievement
  • Develop technologies with strategic and commercial value
  • Establish strong private sector and industry partnerships
  • Strengthen the institution’s QMS
  • Be responsive to stakeholder and market needs


  • By 2020: CLSU is ranked in the Top 300 universities in Asia

    Strategic Initiative:

    Enhance the stature, reputation, credibility, and track record of the university through aggressive build up, branding and marketing of niche programs, specialized products, and quality services.

  • By 2025: CLSU as a fully engaged university

    Strategic Initiative:

    Develop and cultivate a dynamic, complementary and synergistic partnership with international academic and research institutions, and with the private sector and industry, in order to achieve trans-national and global stature.

  • By 2030: CLSU as an Education-Economic Zone

    Strategic Initiative:

    Establish diverse platforms that will lead the university to achieve a distinction in leading activities and enterprises that support public service and social responsibility that will foster the economic prosperity of the region and the country, at the same time providing practical, enriching, transformative and inclusive learning opportunities.

  • By 2035: CLSU as a comprehensive research university

    Strategic Initiative:

    Establish and evolve interdisciplinary and collaborative research capability providing an enabling environment that optimizes creativity and productivity, and supports a vibrant cutting-edge research in the new and emerging frontiers of science and technology that will spur innovations and solutions to address national and global issues in the field of agriculture and natural resources.

  • By 2040: CLSU as a seamlessly integrated academic community

    Strategic Initiative:

    Pursue initiatives that will promote complementation and synergy, where programmatic and physical interconnectivities are fully achieved that will allow scholarly exchanges, formal and informal interactions encompassing the entire scope of the academic enterprise as a vibrant and thriving community fully connected and engaged to the outside world.