The University Programs

General Administration and Support Services Program

The General Administration and Support Services (GASS) is one of the University's most powerful arms in attaining its vision, mission, and philosophy. Its main function is to equip the institution with the needed human, expertise, skills and systems vital to to the operation of all aspects of services in support to the functions and activities of the Academic, Research, Extension, Training and Production Program.

Academic Affairs Program

Academic Affairs encompasses all curricular, co- and extra-curricular, including research, extension and production activities of the students and faculty members. These activities are conducted in pursuit of disciplinary enrichment and instructional development.

Research, Extension and Training Program

The Research, Extension and Training Program primary concern is the generation/validation of new knowledge, information and technologies and the dissemination and commercialization of the same to sustain agro-industrialization in the country side.

University Business Affairs Program

Business Affairs manages and operates various income generating projects and developing entrepreneurial capabilities of faculty, staff and students and other development partners.