Academic Service Offices

Office of Admissions (OAd)

The Office of Admissions, headed by a Dean, shall provide the initial and final services to students being the source of curricular and co-curricular guidance. It is responsible in the admission and registration of students; and attends to the safekeeping, management, administration, updating, and issuance of all academic records and other related records of students. The office leads in the preparation of the university academic calendar, and coordinates commencement exercises and the recognition program. It assists in the preparation of academic catalogues and other curricular announcements in consonance with the policies and guidelines promulgated by higher authorities.

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

he Office of Student Affairs, headed by a Dean, is the center of information, activities and services relative to the co-curricular and extra-curricular needs of students. It shall promote the development of students’ talents, potentials, and leadership capabilities through its program thrusts of self-growth and awareness, cooperative living and learning, leadership development and enhancement, productive use of leisure, and enhanced cross-cultural adjustment.

University Graduate Program Office (UGPO)

The University Graduate Program Office, headed by the University Graduate Program Coordinator, provides assistance and ensures coordination among colleges offering graduate programs. It is involved in the development, monitoring and the administration of the graduate programs of the university, and ensures dissemination, promotion and coordination of all graduate curricular offerings.