High Schools

University Science High School (USHS)

The CLSU Science High School, often shortened to “University Science High School” (USHS), established by virtue of the CLSU Board of Regents under the Board Resolution No. 1622 dated June 14, 1976 as a prime school for students who are inclined to pursue science and technology courses which the country needs for its massive and sustaining development programs. In 1978, Board Resolution No. 1780 was passed revising the curriculum and changing the name to Agricultural Science High School as an answer to the clamor for change of the traditional curricular offerings.

Agricultural Science and Technology School (ASTS)

The Agricultural Science and Technology School was established on August 18, 1995 with the concept of revitalizing the curriculum of the Central Luzon Agricultural School. The main objective was to train future farmers the modern ways of farming by applying new technological innovations on it and upgrade the agricultural produce. Armed with this concept, the university, headed by then late president, Dr.Fortunato A. Battad, chose and assigned group of educators to work on the design of the curriculum and figure out the policies of its implementation. The committee was composed of Prof.Edgar M. Ricamonte ( Chairman ), Prof.Cresenciano V. Merculio ( Vice Chairman ), Prof. Luz G. Barza ( USHS Principal, as member ), Prof.Danilla C. Bermuda ( Member ) and Prof. Estrelita T. Gamit).