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Capital Outlays
List of GAA Approved Programs and Projects (2020-2022) Budget Status
Construction of Food Innovation and Training Center Facility 10,000,000.00 On-going
Rehabilitation of building and facilities of Swine Module 1 7,600,000.00 On-going
Rehabilitation and renovation of building and facilities in Poultry Module 1 7,600,000.00 Completed
Design and Build of the Two-Storey Center for Transboundary Animal Disease Building 100,000,000.00 On-going
Construction of Two-Storey Plant Pests and Diseases Surveillance, Clinic and Research Center and Acquisition of Furniture and Equipment 34,000,000.00 Completed
Construction of Precision and Digital Agriculture Center Building and Greenhouse 27,000,000.00 Completed
Acquisition of ICT Equipment and Facilities-Expansion of University Wide Area Network for the implementation of Information Systems Integration 26,048,000.00 Delivered
Upgrading of the RET Farmers Training Hostel as a Conduit to Capability Enhancement and Rural Development 20,000,000.00 On-going
Improvement of CLSU University Hospital and Acquisition of Equipment 15,000,000.00 Completed
Expansion of the Seed Laboratory and Cold Storage Facility as a Agro-biological Research Laboratory for precision R&D and Efficient Management 15,000,000.00 Completed
Upgrading of the CLSU RM-Cares Organic Farming Training Facility 8,000,000.00 Completed
Purchase of Nano Technology Equipment 30,000,000.00 Completed
Construction of Two-Storey Dormitory Building 15,000,000.00 Completed