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Central Luzon State University Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120
Capital Outlays
Construction of   Two-Storey Plant Pests and Diseases Surveillance, Clinic and Research Center   and Acquisition of Furniture and Equipment 34,000,000 On-going
Improvement   of CLSU University Hospital and Acquisition of Equipment 15,000,000 On-going
Upgrading   of the RET Farmers Training Hostel as a Conduit to Capability Enhancement and   Rural Development 20,000,000 On-going
Upgrading of the CLSU RM-Cares Organic Farming   Training Facility 8,000,000 On-going
Expansion   of the Seed Laboratory and Cold Storage Facility as a Agro-biological   Research Laboratory for precision R&D and Efficient Management 15,000,000 On-going
Acquisition   of ICT Equipment and Facilities-Expansion of University Wide Area Network for   the implementation of Information Systems Integration 26,048,000 On-going
Design   and Build of the Two-Storey Center for Transboundary Animal Disease Building 100,000,000 On-going
Construction   of Precision and Digital Agriculture Center Building and Greenhouse 27,000,000 On-going
Construction of   Two-Storey Dormitory Building 15,000,000 On-going
Purchase   of Nano Technology Equipment 30,000,000 Completed
Purchase   of Biotechnology and Analytical Laboratory Equipment 20,000,000 On going delivery
Acquisition of IT Equipment 5,452,000 Completed
Completion of   Three-Storey Teacher Education Hall (Phase II) 60,000,000 On-going
Improvement   of the Academic Affairs Amphi-Theatre 15,000,000 Completed
Restoration   of Reimer’s Hall 15,000,000 On-going
Construction of   the CLSU Broiler Project Climate Controlled System 14,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   of the CLSU Auditorium and Acquisition of Auditorium Equipment 25,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation/Renovation   of the Living Fish Museum and Related Hatchery Facilities and Acquisition of   Furniture, Equipment and Apparatus 10,000,000 Completed
Construction   of Micro-Hydro Laboratory and Manufacturing & Workshop Building at the   College of Engineering and Rehabilitation of Two Classrooms, Hallway and   Entrance of Activity Center 15,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   of the Existing Building, Physical Sites Improvements and Acquisition of   Furniture and Equipment at the College of Agriculture 20,000,000 Completed
Construction   of Teacher Education Hall (Phase I) and Acquisition of TEdH Furniture and   Equipment 15,093,000 Completed
Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation   of Academic Buildings 5,000,000 Completed
Purchase   of Various Equipment Outlay 5,000,000 Completed
Acquisition   of State-of-the-Art Research Laboratory Equipment, Apparatus, Farm Machinery,   Post-Harvest Equipment and ICT/Resource Audio Visual Equipment 30,000,000 On-going
Acquisition   of CLIRDEC Furniture, Computer Tranining Equipment and Air Conditioning Unit 20,000,000 Completed
Construction of   Animal Science and Crop Science Building and Rehabilitation of Existing   Facilities at the College of Agriculture 20,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   of the CLSU Admission Building 15,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   and Refurbishment of the CLSU Animal Medical Center 8,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   of the Hospitality Management Building and Procurement of the Hospitality and   Culinary Art Equipment 30,000,000 Completed
Rehabilitation   and Refurbishment of Research Laboratories 36,948,000 Completed
Construction   and/or Rehabilitation of Multi -Purpose Building including 500,000 for Sports   Facilities 1,500,000 Completed
Repair   and Improvement of Structures/ Facilities and Acquisition of Equipment 3,500,000 Completed
Construction of three-storey Development   Communication Building and Auditorium 50,000,000 Completed
Construction   of Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory 18,000,000 Completed
Construction   of University Publishing House 5,508,000 Completed
Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation   of Academic Buildings 6,716,000 Completed
Acquisiton of Analytical & Diagnostic Laboratory 19,273,000 Completed
Purchase   of DEC Materials Development Facility 5,300,000 Completed