Business Affairs

The University Business Affairs Program (UBAP)


To effectively and efficiently operate and manage agri-based and non-agri-based income generating projects of the University, and to serves as a model in entrepreneurial programs.


  • Manage and supervise all income generating projects by harnessing the University resources, facilities and expertise;
  • Catalyze and complement the instructional, research, extension, and development programs of the University;
  • Provide production, processing, and marketing models to farmers, SUC’s and other institutions;
  • Provide quality products and services to faculty, staff and students of the University, and outside clientele/customers;
  • Provide faculty and staff additional opportunities to augment their income and venue for students to earn while they learn;
  • Enhance the income generating capability of the University in meeting its institutional needs and towards self-sufficiency; and
  • Assist in the livelihood programs of the government.

The Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA)

The Vice President for Business Affairs shall be designated for a term of one (1) year subject to the confirmation by the Board of Regents without prejudice to re-designation. He/She shall act as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). He/She shall report to the University President and be responsible for all businesses and related activities of the University.

The Divisions under the Vice President for Business Affairs

  • Crop Production Division (CPD)
  • Animal Production Division (APD)
  • Business Development Division (BDD)