The Educator cops overall trophy in InkREADYbles 2014
Author: educators09 | Date Published: 07/10/2014 04:52:17 PM

The Educator staffers bagged the overall championship in the 2014 InkREADYbles, a journalism seminar-workshop co-sponsored by the University Supreme Student Council (USSC) and The CLSU Collegian on June 14-15, 2014 at the RET Amphitheater.

The workshop speakers and facilitators were editors from the CLSU Collegian followed by the writeshop in news, sports news, community development, editorial and feature. Best articles by the participants from the writeshop were selected.

It was participated by three (3) other college student publications. These are “The Mechanics” (College of Engineering), “The Splasher” (College of Fisheries) and “The Speculum” (College of Veterinary Science and Medicine).

The winners are:

Ms. Krizza Lubong

  • Individual Highest Pointer (Champion)
  • Champion, Editorial Writing-English
  • Champion, Sports Writing-Filipino
  • 1st Runner-Up, News Writing-English
  • 2nd Runner-Up, Feature Writing-English

Ms. Lovely Balancio

  • Individual Highest Pointer (2nd Runner-Up)
  • 1st Runner-Up, News Writing-Filipino
  • 1st Runner-Up, Community Development-Filipino
  • 2nd Runner-Up, Feature Writing-Filipino

Mr. Mark Daniel Salvador

  • Champion, Feature Writing-English
  • 1st Runner-Up, Community Development-English

Mr. George Kevin Tomas

  • Champion, Feature Writing-Filipino

Mr. Rojelito Sison

  • 1st Runner-Up, Feature Writing-Filipino
  • 2nd Runner-Up, Sports Writing-English

Mr. Francisco Alcala Jr.

  • 2nd Runner-Up, News Writing-Filipino
  • 2nd Runner-Up, Editorial Writing-English

Mr. Edmar Tigulo

  • 2nd Runner-Up, News Writing-English