3 professors deliver lectures in Hunan Agricultural University
Author: PAO | Date Published: 04/20/2015 09:34:34 AM

Three professors, visited Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU) and Hunan Biological and Electromechanical Polytechnic (HEBEP) in Changsa, Hunan, PROC last April 13-18.

They are Dr. Firma C. Viray, director of the National Service Training Program (NSTP); Dr. Cynthia C. Divina, professor of the Department of Biological Science; and Dr. Minerva D. Maylem, dean of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy and director, Auxiliary Services.

At HUNAU, they delivered lectures to the faculty and students on April 17, to wit: "Manners and Behaviors Across Cultures"; "Academic Challenges of HUNAN Foreign Exchange Students in CLSU"; and "Agritourism: The CLSU Experience", respectively.

They also had a meeting with Professor Yang Zhijian and Ms. Yi Xuan, director and assistant director, respectively, of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division of HUNAU. They discussed the mechanics of implementing the Foreign Exchange Students Program of CLSU and HUNAU, and how to ensure better delivery of responsibilities. Prof. Yang was convinced by Dr. Viray to provide full scholarship to Dr. Rodolfo Medrano (faculty-scholar, College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, CLSU) starting SY 2015-2016.

At HEBEP, they discussed with the school authorities (including Liu Tangxing, Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Department; Professor Li Qianlan, Dean of the College of Modern Management Engineering; and Prof. Wu Donyang, Head of the Institute of Car Assembly and Chinese Expert on Agricultural Machinery at PhilSCAT from 2012-2014 who, together with Mr. Cheng Liangji, PhilSCAT Co-Director, initiated the collaboration between CLSU and HEBEP) the MOU of the school with CLSU. Both parties expressed their interest to implement the agreed student/faculty exchange and research collaboration this coming school year 2015-2016.