CLSU opens 27 sections for Senior high school students
Author: PAO | Date Published: 07/20/2016 11:11:56 am

Faculty member-participants to the CLSU Senior High School Seminar Workshop are shown here listening intently to the messages of President Tereso A. Abella and VPAA Melissa E. Agulto.

In support of the K to 12 Program, the Central Luzon State University opens 27 sections for senior high school students starting August 1, 2016.

According to Dr. Myrna Umagat, Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Senior High School Coordinator, under SHSP No. 707, s. 2016, the Department of Education (DepEd) granted the university a provisional permit to operate the Senior High School Academic Track (26 sections) with the following strands: Accounting and Business Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strands.

The Agricultural Science and Technology School, on the other hand, is opening one section for the Technology, Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) Track under SHSP No. 758, s. 2016.

There will be three sections in the ABM Strand, four sections in the HUMSS Strand, and 19 sections in the STEM Strand. The provisional permit only allowed 105 students for ABM, 140 for HUMSS and 750 for STEM.

Some 970 students have been admitted as early as June 2016.