Best papers, posters selected
Author: PAO | Date Published: 09/06/2016 02:42:07 pm

Three papers under the Research Sector, and one under Development, were selected as best papers during the recently concluded 28th Agency In-House Review of Completed and On-going R&D Projects.

The best papers were evaluated by respectable researchers and evaluators from the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development, PhilMech and CLSU.

Aside from the best research papers, the evaluators also selected the best thesis/dissertation and best poster.

Each best paper/poster was given a cash prize of P5,000.

The winning papers for the Research and Development categories are up for submission to the Central Luzon Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium for further screening and possible presentation during the Regional Symposium on R & D Highlights.

Following is the complete list of the winning papers and posters and the corresponding authors:


CROPS Validation and Documentation of Organic Production for Lowland Rice and Pole Sitao-Eggplant in Nueva Ecija

Marilyn G. Patricio, Rovel S. Melegrito
LIVESTOCK Development and Promotion of Innovative Feed Products and Feeding Schemes for Increased Goat Productivity 

Edgar A. Orden, Emilio M. Cruz, Neal A. Del Rosario, Leny Lyn G. Manalili and Jovani S. Galamgam
SOCIO-ECONOMICS / EDUCATION Backyard Raisers’ Attitudes Toward Artificial Insemination on Goat in the Philippines

Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Anna Marie P. Alo, Jackielou R. Gallarde, Aubrey M. Balbin, Jamila Fatima L. Saturno and Frederick R. Godoy
DEVELOPMENT Promotion of Matured Feed Products and Feeding Schemes towards Enterprise Development

Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Matilde Melicent S. Recto, Jackielou R. Gallarde and Edgar A. Orden
1st PLACE Argon Plasma Treated Electrospun Poly (HOLA-co-CL) ALA-MMT Nanofiber Composite: A Potential Scaffold Material for Wound Dressing Application

Juvy J. Monserate and Florentino C. Sumera
2nd PLACE Remediation and Mitigation of Off-Flavor and Odor Compounds (Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol) in Water for Aquaculture

Redel L. Gutierrez and Niwooti Whangchai
3rd PLACE Development, Evaluation and Optimization of A Mechanical Cacao Sheller for Small Scale Operation

Jeffrey A. Lavarias, Jessie C. Elauria, Arnold R. Elepano, Engelbert K. Peralta, and Delfin C. Suministrado
1st PLACE Goat Raisers’ Acceptability and Willingness to Pay for Baled Hay in the Philippines

Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Jackielou R. Gallarde, Edgar A. Orden and Emilio M. Cruz
2nd PLACE Formulation  & Testing of Combined Organic Liquid Supplement from Trichoderma spp. and Fermented Plant & Seed Extracts on the Growth of Organic Pechay

Ellen S. Romero, Lani Lou Mar A. Lopez, Fe L. Porciuncula, Purisima P. Juico and Jonathan L. Galindez
3rd PLACE Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Select Agricultural By-Products

Rosalie R. Rafael, Cesar  V. Ortinero, Gaudencio M. Natividad,Lexter R. Natividad, Mark Aldren M. Feliciano and Charmaine Eljie R. Rayos