Launching Program: 110th Foundation Anniversary celebration
Author: PAO | Date Published: 04/17/2017 03:20:16 pm

Pres. Tereso A. Abella lights the symbolic torch during the 110th Founding Anniversary launching program. With him are the four vice presidents: Dr. Edgar A. Orden, Dr. Cheryl G. Ramos, Dr. Fe L. Porciuncula and Dr. Melissa E. Agulto.

Dr. Tereso A. Abella, president of Central Luzon State University leads the university officials as he ignites the torch marking the start of the 110th founding anniversary celebration this April 17.    This year’s celebration is filled with exciting activities while it gives another meaning of CLSU. Dr. Abella quoted that in the past, “CLSU is known as the Center of Love, Solidarity and Unity. For our visitors, we say CLSU - Come Look and See Us.” And now, with a pride, Dr. Abella gratefully congratulated the people who coined CLSU as Culture of Academic Excellence, Leadership in Agricultural S & T Research, Serving Humanity with Excellence and University for Inclusive Development.

Delighted with the presence of a huge number of attendees, Dr. Abella added, “We should be thankful because everyday is a gift of life from the Great Architect of the Universe, our Almighty. We are lucky and enjoying to breathe fresh and clean air, because we have Acacia trees. Aside from providing us oxygen, these trees are living witnesses to the university’s developments and historical events. “We have to extend our gratitude to the great men and women who came before us,” he also said.

With our theme, 110 years of Keeping the Torch Ablaze: A Tribute to the CLSU Community, he emphasized, “This is giving tribute or giving recognition to all the members of the CLSU family, the stakeholders both local and national as well as international”. He fervently encouraged his fellow government employees and students to be an instrument in attaining the mission and goals of CLSU aligned with our university’s philosophy that the measure of the effectiveness of a higher education institutions is to look at its contribution to and impact on the education, economic, social, cultural, political and moral well-being and environmental consciousness of the peoples it serves.

The faculty, staff and students celebrating the CLSU 110th Founding Anniversary.

To fully internalize the celebration with enjoyment by the CLSU community, he also declared a week-long suspension of classes from collegiate to senior high school level, however the students are required to witness and involve themselves in the celebration activities.

In conclusion, Pres. Abella said, “I convey my felicitations to all of us and our beloved Central Luzon State University for another milestone that revitalizes our history. As we uphold CLSU as a torch that shares light and hope to the present and future generation, let us further strive, succeed, and remain grounded in our roots. Mabuhay ang CLSU!  Patnubayan tayo ng Poong Maykapal.”