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May 05, 2020 - 06:38 am


Tied as Best Oral Presenters (Undergraduate Category), Ms. Danica S. Sotero and Ms. Hannah Alexine R. Ramos together with the Faculty of College of Fisheries for the awarding of certificates and cash prizes (L-R: Mr. JC Suyom, Ms. RM Templonuevo, Prof. JO

The College of Fisheries students partake in the 4th CF/FAC In-House Student Research Review last February 28, 2020 with the aim of promoting and enhancing homegrown research.

Four papers for graduate category and five papers for undergraduate category vied for oral presentation, while seven graduate and 13 undergraduate entries competed for poster presentation. Invited panel of experts from the government and private sector evaluated the works of the students, and determined the Best Paper, Best Oral and Best Poster Presenters for undergraduate and graduate categories.

For the graduate category, the award for Best Paper was given to Mr. Daniel Jeric C. Torno, MS Aquaculture, on his study entitled “Reaction of diluted serum with polyclonal antibody in the agglutination of target bacteria”. Ms. Ma. Theresa T. Oclos, PhD Aquaculture, was hailed as the Best Oral Presenter, discussing the potentials of enhancing the hatching rate and survival of mudfish by controlling the water temperature. The awards for Best Poster were given to Ms. Aphrodite S. Entoma, MS Aquaculture, (First Place) with her study on the suitable diet for goldfish; and to Mr. Mark Joseph R. Rafael, PhD Aquaculture, (Second Place) for his research on the development of oil extraction protocol for tilapia viscera.

Excellent presentation of her undergraduate thesis on the use of pituitary glands of pigs and goats on induced spawning of African catfish lead Ms. Danica S. Sotero on her landslide victory for the “Best Paper” and “Best Oral Presenter” Awards under the undergraduate category. Meanwhile, Ms. Hanna Alexine R. Ramos also tied up with Ms. Sotero as Best Oral Presenter with her research on the quality assessment of tilading, a novel product developed by the Central Luzon State University, College of Fisheries.

Seven winners were awarded for Best Poster in the undergraduate category, indicating the difficulty that the evaluators went through, for the researches presented this year were truly the crème of the crop. First Place was bagged by Ms. Ruth S. Lebeng with her research on phytoplankton abundance and diversity in Pantabangan Reservoir. Tied on Second Place were Ms. Mylene L. Morales and Ms. Jeralie Anne L. Peñaroyo on their studies: zooplankton diversity in Pantabangan, and mung bean as potential feed ingredient for tilapia fingerlings, respectively. Third Place was awarded to Mr. Joshua V. Dulu (stress responses during visual and physical interactions of red tilapia) and Mr. Joel Roque (growth, length-weight relationship and condition factor of Nile tilapia fed with probiotic bacterium supplemented diet). Fourth Place was earned by Mr. Jemuel O. Tacaca (physico-chemical assessment of water quality in San Roque Reservoir) while the award for Fifth Place was received by Ms. Rachelle Joy B. Cortez (immunostimulatory effect of vitamin E in Nile tilapia).

The evaluators for Oral Presentation were: Dr. Nico Jose S. Leander, Assistant Research Manager of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Regional Office 3 Fisheries Research and Development Center; Dr. Joseph Christopher C. Rayos, Senior Aquaculturist from the Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Division (IFAD) of BFAR; and Dr. Hazel Monica M. Peralta, CF Instructor. Evaluators for Poster Presentation were: Mr. Ramon G. Doctor, Head of the Fisheries Division, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Nueva Ecija; Mr. Marwin B. dela Cruz, Instructor from Fisheries and Marine Science Department of Cavite State University; Dr. Karl Marx A. Quiazon,CF Professor; Mr. Michael Adrian S. Coloma and Ms. Lorelyn M. Casita, representatives from Feedmix Specialist, Inc. II and B-meg Aquatic Nutrition, respectively. The invited panel of evaluators were alumni of the College of Fisheries.

Awardees were given certificates of recognition and cash prizes sponsored by the University Gender and Development Office, Feedmix Specialist, Inc. II, Hoc Po Feeds Corporation, and B-meg Aquatic Nutrition of San Miguel Foods, Inc. (MTT Oclos & FS Tadeo)