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October 29, 2021 - 05:27 pm

Strategic Communication Office / SCO

The CLSU Administrative Council (AdCO) members composed of the University President as Chair, the four Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Student Regent, and other officials of equal rank as members convened in a three-day virtual planning workshop from October 27-29, 2021 to prepare for the plans and targets of the University for 2022.

To kick off the activity, President Edgar A. Orden presented the University 2021 Operational Plan and Strategic Framework reminding the officials of the targets and goals of CLSU which he hopes to be achieved before the year ends.

President Orden emphasized the vast accomplishments of CLSU through the cooperation of all the faculty and staff which prompted for a more intensified funds generation from external funding agencies, institutional faculty promotion, newly-forged partnerships, international and local accreditation, and student performance in the PRC Board Examinations to name a few.

“Despite all of these, there is much work to do, and more challenges to face especially the prevailing pandemic, our preparation for the limited face-to-face classes, and the challenges posed by the Department of Budget and Management for us to become more responsive to stakeholders and market needs; and create more impact to the community as our main beneficiaries,” he added.

Priority projects were also mentioned by President Orden with the directive that each program must include these in their planning session to realize the vision of providing a more conducive environment to all the stakeholders of CLSU, especially in preparation for the return of the students.

Thereafter, the presentation of 2021 accomplishments and targets for 2022 of the different programs proceeded. Dr. Emmanuel M. Vera Cruz, officer-charge to Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension (R&E) presented the R&E Program report. He highlighted the generation of externally funded projects worth 156 million pesos and the comprehensive plans of the different Centers under the R&E Program to further improve the R&D activities of the University.

Dr. Ariel G. Mactal, Vice President for Business Affairs presented next the accomplishments of the Business Affairs Program (UBAP) highlighting the increase in revenue as compared to the previous production year. Moreover, he shared their plans of further mechanizing the production of the University and implementation of the infrastructure projects for 2022 that will eventually strengthen the income-generating projects of UBAP.

On the second day, Dr. Danilo S. Vargas, Vice President for Administration laid out the changes and accomplishments of the General Administration and Support Services (GASS) Program in terms of streamlining the processing of documents and procurement of equipment. The AdCo members agreed to the plan of shifting from manual to electronic and digitized processes which are foreseen to help in solving the problems in processing documents.

For the Academic Program, Dr. Renato G. Reyes, Vice President for Academic Affairs presented the achievements in international and local rankings from accrediting bodies, board examination results, university-funded R&D projects under the Academic Research Council (ARC), and the numerous publications of the faculty-researchers. A highlight of their plan is the preparation of the University for the return of the students in the conduct of the limited face-to-face classes, the unceasing improvement of curricular offerings by subjecting them to accreditation, the mentoring program for budding faculty-researchers, and the plan to collaborate with foreign institutions to realize the vision of CLSU to be a world-class National Research University.

Following the presentation of each program was a one-hour open forum that accommodated questions, clarifications, and suggestions from the AdCo members. The workshop then proceeded with the presentation of Manuals of Operations by the different programs, colleges, and R&D centers presented by the program heads, deans, directors, and chairs.

“I want to thank everyone for being steadfast and cooperative during the workshop and I hope that we continue to work more for the betterment of this great university. Let’s work in unison for the attainment of the goals of CLSU, to provide excellent service to our clientele, and let’s remain steadfast in being one of the leading HEIs in the country,” said President Orden in his closing message.

He also reminded everyone to be safe from the pandemic by observing the minimum health protocols championed by the government and declared 2022 to be a better year for all.

A total of 47 participants composed of the AdCo members, secretariat, presidents of the Faculty Association Incorporated and the Non-Academic Staff Association, and the chair of the undergraduate student body organization joined the said planning workshop.