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CLSU Student Leaders attend the 7th Global Leadership Program in Thailand

September 13, 2022 - 08:32 am

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NEWS I CLSU Student Leaders attend the 7th Global Leadership Program in Thailand

Five Student Leaders represented the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) as they joined the Philippine delegation to the 7th Global Leadership Program held in Phuket Thailand on August 12-19, 2022.

The 7th Global Leadership Program is an international event organized by the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) in cooperation with Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU). It features a variety of activities conducted outside the classroom to engage student leaders in taking on different projects that will provide them opportunities that will develop their leadership skills.

Mr. Sherren Punzalan, Chairperson of CLSU University Supreme Student Council; Mr. Laurence Ramos, Editor-in-Chief of CLSU Collegian; Ms. Mitzi Trix Fernandez, Student Council President of Department of Development and Communication studies; Mr. John Nikko Espiritu, Secretary of Communication for Development; Mr. Joel Collado, Secretary of Psychological Society attended the program together with Dr. Irene Bustos, Acting Dean of the Office of Student Affairs.

John Nikko Espiritu – Secretary of Communicators for Development

It has been an honor and a great opportunity to represent CLSU in International Arena. This leadership program taught me that a great leader has the abilities, expertise, and disposition required to forge genuine relationships with individuals from all cultural backgrounds. In today's global society, it is important to be aware and open to cultural diversity and promote intercultural understanding.

Joel Collado - Secretary of Psychological Society

I learned that international opportunities provide an avenue for students like me to deepen one’s roots, promote our culture, be exposed to other countries' best practices, learn from it and eventually apply it to our University.  Students should take advantage of these opportunities - student exchange program, e-mobility program, leadership program, international seminars, and webinars to expand their academic horizons and to promote active participation.

Mitzi Fernandez - Student Council President of Department of Development and Communication Studies

Through our GLP experience, I realized that despite our differences, we are all contributors to each other's growth. By maximizing communication while being open to new challenges, perspectives, and stories outside our comfort zone, we learn from other people and in the process, we get to know ourselves more. These realizations made me think of how I can contribute to empowering the students (and the youth in general) around me and how I can share the vision of empowerment with my fellow student-leaders.

Laurence Ramos - Editor-in-Chief of CLSU Collegian

Having taken part in the GLP, I've learned that establishing connections with other student-leaders is significant. Even before the program, I hoped that it would serve as a tool to establish and strengthen communication links with other participating universities internationally as well as local academic institutions. As a student leader at CLSU and a potential leader of the PH, I plan to use it to forge relationships that will help us develop collaborations that will enable us to successfully implement our future initiatives for the student body. Additionally, by utilizing one another's resources, connections with others might lead to new opportunities.

Sherren Punzalan - Chairperson of CLSU University Supreme Student Council

As a youth-student leader, the Global Leadership Programme has allowed me to experience the interdependence of international governing student bodies in terms of practices, resources, and ideologies, and the benefits that these may offer in the quest for good governance throughout the world. I was also given the opportunity to share how student leaders of CLSU carry out efforts to advance a genuine, militant, and patriotic orientation of student governance that will serve our primary constituents, the students, and the Filipino people.