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September 11, 2018 - 01:51 pm

Rayvin Fredric Esteban / Research

JUDGING-IN-PROGRESS Dr. Rodolfo Estigoy (on the right), Chairman of the Board of Judges criticizing the fifth poster with its project title Soybean Utilization and Product Development, researchers of Research Office, Department of Hospitality Management,

“The Central Luzon State University (CLSU) In-House Review was not just about the celebration of Research and Development (R&D) distinction, but is also along with recruiting and engaging more young researchers” Dr. Tereso Abella, University President said in his inspirational message during the opening program.

            Attended by more than 300 faculty and staff researchers as well as students, the University, through the Research, Extension and Training (RET) Program, conducted its 30th annual In-House Review held last August 29-30 at RET the Amphitheatre.

Anchored on the theme “Engaging Young Brains towards Sustaining Science Gains,” President Abella encouraged the young minds to think, seek, and innovate for impact. “Let us mentor these young minds who will carry on the torch that will bring more breakthroughs and goodwill to all” he expressed.

            Aside from this, Dr. Fe L. Porciuncula, Vice President for RET mentioned in her welcome remarks that research for development in science will not occur if the young ones will not involve themselves to create impact for change that will stimulate progress, and with great implications to the present and the future.

            Meanwhile, there were 53 on-going and completed R&D programs, projects, and studies presented by the researchers which were mostly related to agriculture and fisheries. While, there were about 20 entries for poster competition.

            “We hope that through the presented completed R&D projects we will be able to identify information or content that can be disseminated and packaged into different IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials, and be commercialized, as well,” Porciuncula said.

            The best papers were recognized during the closing program.

            For the research category, the paper of Dr. Edgar Orden, Neal Del Rosario, Jovanni Jo Galamgam, Lorie Romero, and Rhanie Gonzales titled “Enhancing Milk Production thru Indigofera Zollingeriana Supplementation” won 1st place, followed by the paper “Development of Local Diagnostic Kit for Mastitis in Goats” by Drs. Virginia Venturina, Jaypee Abenoja, Cesar Ortinero, Ronalie Rafael, and Gian Carlo Gaetos. Third place was received by Neal del Rosario, Dr. Emilio Cruz, Leny Lyn Manalili, Dr. Maria Excelsis Orden, Orville Bondoc, and Jomar Garabiles for the paper titled “Dairy Goat Performance Analysis and Identification of Management Options for Improved Productivity.

            While for the development category, the paper of Jussica Rustia, Geraldine Gantioque, Alma de Leon, Joan Marie Castillo, Kathlene Claire Ganareal, Hanna Grace Pestano, Joel Juvinal and Judith Antonino titled “Development of Mangifera Liquer towards Commercialization” was the lone winner.

            On the other hand, the first place was won by the team of Neal del Rosario of Small Ruminant Center (SRC) with their project title “Dairy Goat Performance Analysis for Improved Productivity”, followed by the posters on “Soybean Utilization and Product Development” and “Development of PhilSCAT CMS Lines Utilizing Rapid Generation Advance (RGA) Technique” by the team of Thelma Estera and Leila Baldedara, respectively.

            The In-House Review is an annual event to recognize the university’s R&D efforts and provides opportunity for faculty and staff researchers to present their notable accomplishments in an appropriate forum.