Research and Extension

The Specialized R & D Centers

Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC)

The FAC is a multi-disciplinary research unit of the University which is responsible for aquaculture and fisheries research and development. It shall contribute to livelihood enhancement and shall achieve a positive impact towards the attainment of improved production and management of the country’s inland fisheries resources.

Philippine Carabao Center at CLSU (PCC at CLSU)

The PCC at CLSU shall help improve the general well-being of rural farming communities through carabao genetic improvement, technology development and dissemination, and establishment of carabao-based enterprises thus ensuring higher income and better nutrition.

Small Ruminant Center (SRC)

The SRC shall be the primary facility in developing, disseminating and commercializing technologies relevant to the socio-political well-being, technical and economic needs, environmental concerns and cultural demands of its clientele.

Ramon Magsaysay - Center for Agricultural Resources and Environmental Studies (RM-CARES)

The RM-CARES shall serve as a continuing source of appropriate technologies and information on sustainable environment and agricultural resources management that will sustain agro-industrialization of the communities it serves.

Land and Water Resources Management Center (LWRMC)

The LWRMC shall provide the leadership and direction towards the rational utilization of the finite land and groundwater and surface water resources through extensive research, human resource development, and provision of trainings and technical assistance.

Center for Renewable Energy and Technology (CRET)

The CRET is a part of the comprehensive Philippines Energy Program, the national Renewable Energy (REP) was formulated to help ensure the promotion and commercialization of renewable energy resources and technologies in the country.

Philippine-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology (PhilSCAT)

The center is primarily geared towards implementing the TCP with the goal to produce high yielding and quality hybrid rice varieties in the Philippines by improving its existing agricultural research, production and promotion competencies through the China-Philippine cooperation and the utilization of PhilSCAT-bred varieties and technologies by Filipino farmers to accelerate rice sufficiency and achieve prosperity through mechanized hybrid rice farming system.

Specialized R & D Centers shall be led by a Head who shall be designated by the University President for a period of one (1) year without prejudice to redesignation, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Regents.