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Central Luzon State University

Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120

Home Away From Home

CLSU has a dynamic and unique community and a lush and eco-friendly environment that will inspire and bring you comfort. The big bulk of trees will provide you shed when it's sunny. The buildings and state-of-the-art facilities will give you a different level of modernization. The generated technologies will make you think of the innovations that you can possibly do yourself. The food that tastes like home, and the different parks and picture-perfect campus sites that you will surely and freely enjoy.

Student Support Services

The University's top priority is to ensure the welfare of its students. With more than 10,000 students enrolled in a regular school year, CLSU offers different services catering to their needs. These include guidance and counseling, physical and mental activities, tutoring and review, open resources, and affordable student meals in the different canteens, among others that are always within the reach.

Counseling and Tutoring

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) offers telecommunication and web counseling for CLSU students who need a helping hand wherein they can reach designated mental health providers via mobile number and/or messenger.


The CLSU-Assistance Committed to Solution (CLSU-ACT'S) ensures that no students will be left behind. This platform facilitates the receiving, processing, documenting, and addressing of the academic concerns of students while adhering to the principles of professionalism, transparency, accountability, and confidentiality.


Student Dormitories

The Student Housing Unit through the university dormitories was able to address the student residents’ housing needs, specifically those from outside the province while they are studying inside the University. It trains students as regards efficient home management and provides assistance in developing better interpersonal relationships.

Training Dormitories

Aside from student dormitories, CLSU also caters to clientele who are visiting the University for training purposes and require room accommodation. The University offers the Guest House, RSTC Hostel, and RET Farmers Training Hostel for stay-in training participants and visitors.


Have a comfortable stay inside the University through the CLSU Hostels and Guest House. These accommodations are open for University visitors such as alumni, parents or guardians, and training participants among others.

Tennis Court

The Tennis Court located in front of the University Post Office is specially made for the free use of students, faculty, and other clienteles.

Recreational Facilities

Enjoy the outdoor activities with the different facilities that can be found around the campus. The multi-purpose gym for volleyball, basketball, and indoor futsal. The Umali Gym near the USHS, the famous Oval wherein different activities are held during intramurals, and the CLSU Gymnatorium featuring indoor basketball, and badminton courts, facilities for table tennis and contact sports like Taekwondo and many others. It is also where physical education classes are being held.

University Library

The University Library provides services relative to the information needs of the students, faculty members, and other clienteles. It formulates the Library Development Program, and coordinates technical services in all the reading centers in the University to ensure cooperation and complementation of the library services network.


The CLSU Infirmary is a primary care facility inside the campus with license to operate from the Department of Health. It caters CLSU students, faculty and staff, and their dependents, as well as non-CLSU constituents.



Roam around the campus while riding the famous CLSU NATO, also known as the CLSU New Association of Tricycle Operators. The tricycle operator's association is exclusive only in the University, as they specifically cater to the students, faculty members, and residents of the University. All university tricycles are painted in uniform color - green and yellow and have a controlled operating number on their sidecar. With a minimum fare of 15 pesos, you will feel special and safe while touring inside the campus.

Food Park (New Community Market)

CLSU is known as a home-like community, hence there is no need for you to go outside because everything that you need is here. Inside the campus, there is a mini-market dubbed as the famous Old Market wherein you can buy raw products like meat and vegetables, processed foods, home-cooked and resto-like cuisines. Some of the store outlets offer products such as school supplies, photocopying and printing services, and affordable computer/internet services.

Bike Lanes

CLSU is situated in a 654-hectare land, and most of the locations of the different colleges and units are far from each other. Most students are using a bike as their means of transportation while inside the University. To ensure the student’s safety, bike lanes were installed across the lush and environment-friendly university campus.

Leisure Areas

One of the University's trademarks is its picture-perfect scenery of leisure areas located inside the campus. Visitors, students, and other CLSU constituents can unwind and momentarily relieve stress by stopping by the famous CLSU Lagoon where you can enjoy fish feeding, the fresh air, and lush scenery; or go and seat with friends and loved ones at the CLSU Centennial Ground. One can also enjoy the unique architectural design of the Chinese temple and be amazed by some of the historical areas like Rizal Park and Vivencio Saulong Park. The CLSU Lingap Kalikasan and the CLSU Baywatch are also excellent places for people who are seeking a place to unwind, study, meditate or take a break from crowded places. It is a safe haven where you can have peace with scenery that allows one to have a close encounter with nature.

Sunflower Garden

The CLSU Sunflower Garden took over many social media platforms as it went viral in the year 2018. The 4000 square meter sunflower field lined up along the Research Avenue blooms thru the initiative of the CLSU Research Office. It was in the early 70s when the University first started its Sunflower Research and Development (R&D) Project with funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and was able to develop its sunflower variety named CLSUN. New varieties of sunflower are expected to blossom in the coming years which will surely bring sunshine within and outside the university not only because of its aesthetic quality but also of its economic value.

CLSU Church

The CLSU Church is open to all students, faculty, and staff, University residents, and other constituents. Anticipated mass is regularly being held every Sunday at 7:30 AM; Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00AM; and Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30PM.