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Central Luzon State University

Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120

Brief Overview

CLSU Student Organizations

The University recognized the group effort of the students towards specific goals. There are students who wanted to broaden their experience outside the four corners of their classroom and joining organizations can develop the moral, leadership and social skills of students. Every organization have a set of principles that serves as a guide for the actions of its member and the organization itself. As to date there are 40 active student organizations that conducts programs and projects for their chosen clienteles. To be a member of any of this organization is a lifelong commitment, these are the relationships created during college that last well beyond graduation.

Programs Offered

Campus Ministry Based

The Central Luzon State University is accepting students regardless of their beliefs and religion. Therefore, different campus ministry is recognized to guide the spiritual and moral development of each members and other students.


  • Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry (CCLCM)
  • Lakas Angkan Student Organizations (LASO)
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College Based

College based organizations are the most dominant organization in the University. They are scattered in every colleges and usually cater programs and events that is beneficial for their colleagues. Some students are joining this organization to acquire knowledge and learning skills that may help them in completing their degrees and to expand their connection.


  • Association of Civil Engineering Student (ACES)
  • Builders of Information Technology Student (BITS)
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A fraternity or sorority is a brotherhood or sisterhood formed around common goals. Their member’s pledges commitment to share effort, ideas, time and friendship so each of them can learn and grow together. It also challenges its member to develop their leadership skills and give back to the local community. Their common experience build ties that last a lifetime.


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Non-College Based

Non-College based organizations are the group that focuses on specific culture or subject. Its member should have an underlying knowledge and passion about the focus of the organization. Most of this organization showcases cultural awareness and create diverse information about to let their clienteles know about them.


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