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Central Luzon State University

Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120

Services Offered

Financial Management Services (FMS)

The FMS is responsible for performing financial management transactions, and provides sufficient, efficient and effective handling of the financial resources of the University. It has three offices, namely: Budget, Cashier, and Accounting.

Contact Information

  • eyhilario@clsu.edu.ph

Administrative Services Office (ADSO)

The ADSO provides a responsive, relevant organization complement capable of adapting to emerging demands and trends in the environment, and providing all necessary, implementable welfare programs for all employees of the University. The offices under it are the Human Resources Management, Property, Procurement, and Records.

Contact Information

  • cgramos@clsu.edu.ph

Physical Plant and Site Development Services (PPSDS)

The PPSDS maintains the University’s power utilities, telephone system, water and sewerage facilities, office machines, laboratory apparatus and appliances, grounds, parks, road networks and drainage systems, buildings and physical structures, farm machinery, and heavy equipment and transport vehicles.

Contact Information

  • crdivina@clsu.edu.ph

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services is responsible for the welfare of the CLSU constituents and outside clients through better access to health services, provision of cheap but quality foods, domiciliary, and other auxiliary services. The units under this are University Health Services, Food and Lodging, and Student Housing Unit.

Contact Information

  • mecleoveras@clsu.edu.ph