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Central Luzon State University

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University Extension Program Office (UEPO)


The UEPO is a flagship arm of CLSU in agricultural extension and rural development. The Center aims to capacitate local leaders, extension workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, and other clients along the value chain of development to enhance their role and participation in attaining sustainable development goals.

Units under this center

As the capability building arm, it is responsible for assessing clients’ training needs, developing and implementing trainings based on identified priority training needs, and evaluating trainings to assess their effectiveness. It uses face-to-face and online modalities and taps trainers from within and outside the University.

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This division is responsible for analyzing clients’ information needs, packaging technology and developing information into popular print and audio-visual formats, running radio and web broadcasts, conducting techno exhibits, and planning and maintaining one-stop-information shops and techno-learning centers.

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As the field operation arm, it is responsible for assessing clients’ technology and project needs, establish farm demo and techno livelihood projects to showcase recommended technologies and management practices, facilitate and provide advisory services, and conduct field days to promote wider technology uptake.

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The division is responsible for piloting and implementing development models that focus on community needs, education of groups of individuals to work collectively towards socio-economic progress, coordination and convergence of agency services, and promotion of local governance. It is distinguished from extension education that focuses on individual needs, aimed at individual development to obtain socio-economic improvement, and decision-making for change by individuals and families.

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This division is in charge of the programs and projects that are not regularly undertaken by the center. Examples of these are the trainings and extension impact studies periodically commissioned by outside agencies and the community outreach and service-oriented projects implemented through and with non-government and socio-civic organizations. It also undertakes partnership initiatives and represents the university in government-instituted development bodies.

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Program Director
  • Dr. Eugenia G. Baltazar
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