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Central Luzon State University

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Brief Overview


As a designated agri-tourism site for Luzon, the University has been an object of visit of people from various walks of life. It has drawn into its midst visitors ranging from pupils to college students; farmers to entrepreneurs; private to government officials and dignitaries, local and from abroad; and university friends and alumni.

For those who are intending to conduct educational tours at the University, the Strategic Communication Office (StratCom) which is under the Office of the President is always at hand to provide the needed agri-tourism services in coordination with and support of the heads and staff of projects, programs and offices which the requesting parties are interested to visit.

Concerned StratCom staff provide visitors a welcome briefing/orientation which includes the showing of the CLSU Story/Agri-tourism showcases in video. Moreover, they serve as tour guides to ensure the smooth flow of the visitors going around the university.


Small Ruminant Center (SRC)

As a lone Center of Research Excellence in Small Ruminants, the SRC offers a tour which showcases their facilities and the different breeds of goats which provides better yield in terms of meat and milk. The center also has its own pelletizing machine which makes goat farming a viable enterprise by utilizing pellet feeds during summer months when grasses are limited. Visitors can also experience the actual milking of goats and try the different dairy products developed and offered by SRC.

Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC)

The FAC as a research and development unit for aquaculture in the university provides a guided tour of their facilities used for breeding and production. From tilapia, catfish, and even ornamental fishes, the center shares its modern facilities and technical personnel with the College of Fisheries which offers the curricular program both for the undergraduate and graduate programs. Visitors are provided with information on proper site selection, breeding process and even water management. Fish feeding and hands-on experience with their oldest tilapia is an experience offered to guests who are willing to get a little slimy and wet.

Ramon Magsaysay Center for Agricultural Resources and Environmental Studies (RM-CARES)

The RM-CARES is a center where visitors can learn more about Organic Fertilizer Production and other appropriate technologies on sustainable environment and agricultural resources management. Its facilities are open where visitors can experience vegetable picking and hands-on experience in using the products developed by the center.

Center for Tropical Mushroom Research and Development (CTMRD)

CTMRD showcases different tropical mushrooms housed in their facilities and propagated using their best practices. A guided tour which explains the differences and importance of mushroom species and the corresponding techniques for its production are explained well by their technology experts. Mushroom picking can also be experienced by the visitors. They can also start their mushroom production after visiting the center by availing the fruiting bags which when opened are ready to spawn.

CLSU Hydroponics and Aquaponics Technology (CHAT)

The CHAT features an 8,000-square meter facility that serves as a research and techno-demo training center and supplier of hydroponics and aquaponics growing system modules for agri-investors. The center provides an experience within a smart farming facility where environmental parameters are controlled and mass production in a limited space was made possible. Visitors can also buy the available products by harvesting which ever is available during the time of their visit and pay for the products as they leave the center.

Philippine Carabao Center at CLSU (PCC at CLSU)

The PCC at CLSU with its Dairy Farm and Products Outlet offers an experience with the carabaos segregated in the area based on their sex and age while the products are stacked based on their variation or flavor. The center shows the carabao-based enterprises which ensures higher income and better nutrition for the farmer and their community.

S&T; Centrum

As a one-stop-information shop of technologies and R&D; services available in CLSU, the S&T; Centrum helps promote the uptake of such technologies featuring crop gallery, animal gallery, aquaculture gallery, agri-tech gallery, and environment and development gallery. Visitors can learn more about the different technologies thru an e-browsing system, information desk, and serves as repository of IEC materials produced by the different R&D; centers and units.

Thematic Museums

The Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Management (ICCEM) Museums, Agricultural Museum, and FAC Living Fish Museum are some of the museums inside the campus which provides learning experiences to visitors. Teachers and students alike are guided to check the actual equipments, specimen sample and even live species showcased in the museums making the learning experience more fun and memorable for the students.